Koregaon Park Pune – India

Staff augmentation, Managed Software development

Problem Statement

As an industry-wide practice, sometimes multiple firms collaborate to work on complex projects. Fluid.Live wanted expertise on a few tech stacks and wanted some people to work remotely with their team to expedite the delivery of the product and its maintenance.


'Fluidonomics', now known as Fluid. Live is a company that develops simple, adaptable, and cutting-edge solutions while economically within the well-set limits of the clients—founded by Deepesh Sodhi and Rahul Khandelwal. The firm deals in establishing online identities for brands, lead generation web development and running social media campaigns.

Digital Solutions

We are helping them by recruiting and training SDEs to fulfil contracts on a short-term or mid-term timeline. All of the standard recruitment and nurturing steps are taken care of remotely to ensure Fluid. live can deliver on correct timelines

Key Development Areas


Python is the preferred language for development for many big-scale projects. Our Expertise in Python development lets us cradle projects of all sizes.

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Spring Framework enables developers to create modular applications with individual components ideal for microservices and distributed network applications.

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AWS Cloud

AWS is a broadly adopted cloud platform offering multiple services globally from data centres. AWS helps clients scale up and down as per the moment's need.

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Data Sciences

Our team loves art and taking out meaningful information out of the bulk data is is nothing less than art.  We practice that art

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