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About Neuron Labs

Neuron Labs School was established to offer children a high-quality educational experience. Their philosophy emphasizes the importance of fostering and preserving the innate intellectual curiosity and love of learning with which children are born. The school aims to provide an environment in which intellectual and social development are intertwined, enabling each child to acquire the fundamental concepts, attitudes, values, and life skills necessary for success in both academic and personal contexts.

The philosophy of Neuron Labs School is based on research that suggests that children thrive in a well-equipped, nurturing, and stimulating environment. Such an environment enables children to unleash their full potential for creativity, initiative, independence, order, and habits of concentration, persistence, and inner discipline. The school's approach is designed to foster self-confident learners who respect themselves and others.Neuron Labs School is committed to providing an educational experience that equips children not only with a solid foundation for lifelong learning but also with a deep love for humanity and life itself. The school prioritizes the best interests of the child above all else.

Problem Statement

Neuron Labs, a renowned educational institute, faced various challenges in managing their admission process, fee structure, and attendance system. Their previous fee structure was complex and cumbersome, leading to confusion and delays in payments. Moreover, their admission process lacked efficiency, resulting in time-consuming paperwork and delayed admissions.

Additionally, Neuron Labs was in need of a more interactive communication platform to connect with parents. They required a feature similar to WhatsApp to improve communication and maintain transparency with parents. This would have enabled parents to stay informed about their child's progress and keep track of any updates from the school.

Furthermore, Neuron Labs was struggling to streamline their attendance system. The previous process was manual, making it prone to errors and discrepancies. This led to confusion and delays in tracking attendance records, affecting student performance evaluations and report cards.

Our Solution

Fee Management

Our team focused on simplifying the complex fee structure, and importing it, automating it.

Online Payment Gateways

We integrated Payment gateways for seamless fee collections.


To streamline their admission, we helped them with an admissions module, which took care of all the access inquiries received via the website


We  exposed the admission gateway over their website in order to ensure that every clients that wants to get admission comes via website.


We undertook and developed custom functionality that enabled the school to have a WhatsApp facility in the existing software to ensure two-way communication between the school and parents.