Nitiraj Engineers Ltd.

Dhule, Pune (Maharashtra)

IoT, Bluetooth,App development

Problem Statement

Nitiraj Engineers Ltd. is an expert in developing hardware and wants to expand the horizons of its offerings and enhance its product line. They needed a reliable software firm to manage their research and IoT development to digitize their Bluetooth-based IoT devices.

About Nitiraj

Nitiraj Engineers are one of the NSE /BSE listed company set up in 1989. Their brand "Phoenix" is well renowned all across India and abroad for manufacturing accurate and robust electronic ​weighing scales.
Their devices are way ahead of the industry standards, and they are always looking to integrate new technologies into their existing hardware. Some of these involve dedicated IoT development niches to the weighing scales. We are assisting them with the cloud development of their IoT devices.

Industrial Solutions

We are helping Nitiraj Engineers in android app development for their weighing scales and other relevant products. As an IoT development company, we are proud to have achieved multiple milestones with them.

Key Development Areas

Android app

A complete app integration with the weighing scales to keep a log of all the weighs on a scientifically accurate scale.

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Managed cloud deployments

All of the App/ software development and deployments are managed by our team

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The App development is managed on Angular and relevant frameworks that interact with BLE devices to capture data

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Our development is entirely scalable and tested on their weighing machines, and the app is available on the play store to use .

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