Shri Pragya Jain Smarak Samiti

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About Us

Shri Pragya Mahavidyalaya is an institution of higher learning inspired by Pragya Pravar Shri Panna Lal Ji Ma.Sa. The college aims to shape individuals as a whole and promote a just and caring society. By fostering intellectual, emotional, and moral growth, the college seeks to produce graduates who are not only competent and compassionate but also people of integrity and character.

At Shri Pragya Mahavidyalaya, students are encouraged to become committed and confident advocates for a more humane world. The college believes that by nurturing the student's growth in these areas, it can contribute to creating a better society. Shri Pragya Mahavidyalaya seeks to produce graduates who are well-equipped with knowledge and skills, but who also possess a deep sense of empathy and kindness towards others.


Shri Pragya Jain Smarak Samiti has 4 institutes under them 

Shri Pragya School, Gulabpura

Shri Pragya School, BijaiNagar

Shri Pragya College

Shri Pragya International School

Shri Pragya  School, Bhinai

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Our Solution

This  prestigious educational institution, was facing a common challenge among their many branches: a lack of a centralized system to manage student information, attendance, and fees. They needed a solution that would integrate all branches into a single network and streamline administrative tasks.

That's where eSchoolApp came in. The platform offered a range of features that could meet Jain Smarak Smiti's requirements, including GPS tracking, website development, biometric-based attendance management, school management solutions, payment gateway integrations, and online exams.With the help of eSchoolApp, Jain Smarak Smiti implemented GPS tracking for all buses, ensuring student safety and punctuality.

The system also allowed parents to access real-time location updates through the school app, giving them peace of mind.Jain Smarak Smiti's website was completely revamped with the help of eSchoolApp, offering a user-friendly interface that provided easy access to information about the curriculum, admission process, events, and more.
The biometric-based attendance management system ensured accurate tracking of student attendance, reducing errors and saving time. Jain Smarak Smiti also implemented a school management solution that streamlined administrative tasks such as admissions, fee collection, scheduling, and more.To make fee payment convenient for parents, Shri Pragya Jain Smarak Smiti integrated multiple payment gateway options into their system. And with online exams, Jain Smarak Smiti could evaluate student learning and progress quickly, providing timely feedback for improvement.